"Unica provided me training for four months in software development for web applications using Microsoft technologies such as .Net, Asp.Net, Web Services, and T-SQL. Today, I am working in a professional environment with Deloitte in Harrisburg as an IT Professional. I'm continuing even now to learn new technologies while supporting projects at such a great company."
John Vanderzell
Graduate - Shippensburg 2012

"After graduating college, it was extremely challenging to find a job in the market of IT without any sort of software development experience. Through my training with Unica, I was given unique, dedicated, and practical training in software development. Now, I am an Oracle-Certified professional and am working further toward my career as an Oracle DBA."
Vivek Kumar
Graduate - Shippensburg 2012

Opportunity for Experienced Professionals

If you are an ambitious and growth-oriented individual with drive and a passion for success in software development, database administrators, ERP implementation, data analytics, application architecture, you’ve worked hard to get where you are today. And now you’re ready to use your skills, talents and personality to make a difference. we are the organization for you. If you are considering a career at Unica Group, the following will answer many of your questions about the process.

We hire experienced professional in software development at two level: As an Employee or As an Sub-Contractor.

Employee Hiring Process

  • Step 1: Build a profile and apply via email Hiring Manager
  • Step 2: Human Resources reviews applications
  • Step 3: Initial phone screening and interview of selected candidates
  • Step 4: Second, or possibly third round of interviews (one of the interview - in person or skype is must)
  • Step 5: Offer is made
  • Step 6: Background check and onboarding

Sub-Contractor Hiring Process

  • Step 1: Ask your company recruiter to send your profile via email Hiring Manager
  • Step 2: Terms and Conditions discussed with your organization
  • Step 3: Initial phone screening and interview of selected candidates
  • Step 4: Second, or possibly third round of interviews (one of the interview - in person or Skype is must)
  • Step 5: Offer is made to your organization
  • Step 6: Background investigation and onboarding

How We Work

If your resume is positively screened, you’ll have a competency-based telephone interview with one of our HR team member. If that’s successful, you may be asked to complete an online technical test or depending on the role, you’ll be invited to a technical interview with a technical recruiter. If successful, we'll either do an in person or Skype interview as a mandatory step. And finally, if that goes well, you’ll be given a contract offer along with a request for background check.

Our Human Resources Team will review candidate qualifications and makes a preliminary decision based on potential fit and skill set. A member of this team may contact you to gather additional information, such as relevant work experience, qualifications, geographic location, relocation, compensation, availability for interviews, etc. Based on this initial assessment, a member of our team will discuss your qualifications with the hiring manager. Based on the recruiter’s recommendation, the hiring manager will select the candidates to be interviewed over the phone or in person.

From application to start date, the timing of our employment process is dependent on numerous variables. During the interview process there are some essential areas we will assess: How committed are you to the technical and business consulting arena? What are your true abilities, how articulate are you and how do you carry yourself? How do your skills and communication style match with the team? What unique and diverse perspective will you bring? This person may also gather additional information, such as relevant experience and qualifications, availability for interviews, interest in relocation, compensation expectations, etc.
Subsequent Interview(s) and Offer: Based on experience and skills, there may be multiple rounds of interviews and discussions. These interviews will assess you on your area of expertise, deep technical knowledge, industry and subject matter experience, may request reference check from your past project. One of the interview must be conducted in person or on Skype. If necessary, additional interviews may occur before making a final decision. If you're selected for the position, we will convey a contingent offer of employment. The offer package will include starting salary and a summary of benefits, along with a request to complete background check. Normally, we expect your decision ASAP.
Upon successful completion of background check, we will start on boarding process.